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Monday, Dec. 26, 2005
The holidays….yes they were good. They were quiet and low key, but very nice. The kid loved his gifts…and the man bought me a wonderful gift…a sidekick II. I’m happy.

I haven’t felt like writing even though I have been off for a few days. I’ve felt cold and cranky but I’m ok now. The week after I got married I sent out an email to everyone on my email list for my previous name and told them I was getting rid of the email address. Tonight I got a nice email from my sister. This is big stuff since we rarely speak…due to the stuff that happened when I was 19.

Her email made me smile for several reasons….I share so I remember….these things don’t happen often with my family…. My sister is coming to Florida…and is asking if we can get together…people…Merry Christmas….eh??? My face hurts from smiling so big. I haven’t seen my sister since my father died…and I’ve been trying so hard to put so many things behind me and live in the now….and then…she does this. This is big in my world. She’s made a first move to make contact…. Despite everything I love my siblings…I never stopped I have always just tried to deal with the ache of having my family ripped away.

I spoke to my sister a few weeks prior to the wedding when she called in surprise at the wedding invitation she received. Those wedding invitations sparked so much activity with my family it’s amazing….it’s as though they didn’t like my ex-husband….and yet they didn’t even know him….oh…so much to talk to Ms. Shrink about this go around…. My sister has two kids...Leah and Rena...twins. I haven't seen them since they were 6 weeks old. That was 8 yrs ago.

From : Ray <@juno.com>

Sent : Tuesday, December 27, 2005 8:24 PM

To : poeticalgirl@hotmail.com

Subject : Merry Christmas

Hello, Congratulations and Merry Christmas

How are things going? How was the wedding? I decided not to pop in on your wedding. It would be different if I had visited before, but I didn't think this was the right time. You were relieved right? So we just got done celebrating the holidays and we're home now and have to go to work tomorrow. Bummer!! But I'll be off on Wednesday and then the rest of the week. I go back on Jan 2nd. How much time do you have off from work? When do classes start up again? The kids don't believe in Santa Claus and I'm not putting in a huge effort to hide it this year. Santa left tags on clothes from Sears and Leah said, "hey, you left tagson that". Funny!!! Santa also brought Leah a gameboy game that she already had so tonight we took it back to Toys R Us and exchanged it. She asked how that could be. I told her Santa needs help, he can't make and bring everything.

We may end up in Florida sometime in February. Ray's parents are going down in their huge motor home (it's like a small house) for about 6 weeks and we're planning on going down to visit and go to Magic Kingdom for aday. We're only going to be there a few days since we don't want to have the kids miss too much school. When I find out where we are going to be, maybe we can get together.

Take Care

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