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Monday, Dec. 16, 2002
Someone called me this morning telling me a bunch of bunk stuff about husband….4 a.m. call marked “out of area” from a female. Why do so many people want to be trouble makers?

Outside of that I had an ok weekend I guess…still tired. The only thing I’m thinking about today is that “he’s” waiting for UPS to deliver his Christmas gift, and I don’t know if he’s going to like it, so I’m a nervous wreck over a gift. Insane. He’s already shipped my gift, and I’m sure whatever it is I’ll be happy. He should be a professional shopper. He’s the only guy I know that knows how to shop, has a system, and does it so well. So I’m not worried, besides, he could send me a piece of paper and I’d be happy cause it was from him.

UPS says: In Transit Sched. Delivery: Dec 16, 2002

I hope he’s not too disappointed. I have a picture of what I gave him….I’ll post…after he weeps over my stupidity. *shrugs* I can’t believe I didn’t just get him what he asked for and skipped this anxiety attack. *slaps head* I’m so stupid!

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