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Sunday, Apr. 28, 2002
I just put two and two together and figured out who exactly has been stalking my guestbook with rude comments and no names. It’s Mark (his Net name). IE: Michael. Michael from Rhode Island. Michael, glenn5’s friend. Those of you that have been around from the beginning are going to remember this from my past. . he also wrote this one:

there you go again/ making promises you cannot keep/ give up lying?/ i don't think so/ back with husband and already daydreaming/ when you stop lying to yourself only then you MIGHT stop lying to others lying to myself...lying to others.... he posts without posting his name and he's not a liar?

I have michaels phone number I'm calling his ass
gonna piss off his wife and teach him a lesson
its just ringing

oh shit that was funny
he answered the phone
and i told him "heyyyy sign your name if you have something nasty to say to me"
and he didn't know who I was
then he freaked out cause he realized who I was and that he was on the phone with me
and his wife will kill his ass if she figures that out
so he hung up quickly
now he's probably sweating profusely
I taught him a lesson
don't give out your phone number asshole
see.....glenn and michael are friends.....and.....michael thinks that glenn came here and got sex cause that's what glenn went back to RI and told him
and that's not what happened
but I never changed glenns story
and so michael thinks he can also come here and get some free pussy or something
it's all rather fucked up
me personally....I think I just taught Michael a lesson
its great that he answered
but his wife coulda
and she knows who I am
cause she's listened to Glenns wife Stephanie bitch about how Glenn was in love with me
so she wouldn't be too happy to know that michael gave me his phone number
now would she?
and the best part of all of this is....
Me and my husband have hashed out absolutely everything so that no one could ever call
my house and give him information that he didn’t' already know about from me see....
while husband ran off with my child to New York and cheated on me
I did allow glenn to jump a plane and come here but glenn and I didn’t have sex
I cheated back on him with Oral Fixation Man
and so we're pretty much even on the sin quotient
maybe that's why we were able to just say "fuck everything, lets let it all go and do this
marriage thing the way it used to be."

Ahh…..and then Mark/Michael arrived on msn to hash it out with me…

mark says: hey you yourself lol
PoeticaL says: you're so busted
mark says: sorry you have the wrong scapegoat
PoeticaL says: no I DON'T
mark says: nice try though
PoeticaL says: I can see ISP addresses
PoeticaL says: on my guestbook
PoeticaL says: I have the right guy
mark says: i know you can you told me that a long time ago remember
PoeticaL says: why don't you just own up to it
mark says: hello
PoeticaL says: cause what mystery person signed is the same isp that you've signed with
mark says: now you remember
PoeticaL says: they match
PoeticaL says: exact matches
mark says: dna
PoeticaL says: yes
PoeticaL says: you're busted
mark says: lol nice try
PoeticaL says: nope
PoeticaL says: I know
PoeticaL says: no try about it
mark says: truth?
PoeticaL says: and to think I wondered what happened to you....
mark says: now you are busted
PoeticaL says: *shrugs* now I know nothing happened
PoeticaL says: I'm not busted at all.
PoeticaL says: I have nothing to hide
PoeticaL says: shall I call back and chat with your wife?
PoeticaL says: since your dwelling the celler now?
mark says: i figured by calling me at 10:30 pm at my house it must be your only time to go out and play
PoeticaL says: nope I can call you anytime I like
PoeticaL says: I'm at home and husband knows everything
mark says: i don't think that was called for nor appropriate do you?
PoeticaL says: me calling you?
mark says: yes
PoeticaL says: I don't think you're hiding behind false pretenses was ever called for either
mark says: did i ever mess up your relationship?
mark says: or try to?
PoeticaL says: nah
mark says: NO
PoeticaL says: but I never was anything to you but a friend
PoeticaL says: you're judging me and hiding behind some fake ass names
mark says: oops
mark says: caps
PoeticaL says: I don't appreciate that from my so-called friends.
PoeticaL says: Quit reading my diary. Forget you know anything about me.
mark says: is that what you want from your friends?
PoeticaL says: you're not a real friend
mark says: hello?
PoeticaL says: real friends don't judge and say shit to you without admitting who they are
mark says: what is a real friend? to you
PoeticaL says: that's fucked up
PoeticaL says: no thanks to that shit
mark says: if yo are dividing me up between other people tell me ok and i'll leave you to your more important things

PoeticaL says: no I'm right here
PoeticaL says: you're the one that shut up
PoeticaL says: I'm not talking to anyone else
PoeticaL says: see?
mark says: i was waiting
PoeticaL says: for what?
PoeticaL says: I said I don't need friends like you
PoeticaL says: you call me a liar all the while you're hiding who you are
mark says: no you said you didn't need friends judging you
PoeticaL says: you're not my friend
mark says: you don't let me be your friend
PoeticaL says: what the fuck ever
PoeticaL says: you're nuts
mark says: how any times have you told me that
mark says: i have been there foryo many times
PoeticaL says: first...when have you been there for me?
PoeticaL says: when?
mark says: many times to listen
PoeticaL says: yeah right
PoeticaL says: just so you could say mean shit to me without admitting it was you later?
mark says: not so
PoeticaL says: whatever
PoeticaL says: I don't have time for this immaturity
mark says: well i don't want to be enemies with you
PoeticaL says: too late
PoeticaL says: now you're not admitting you did this
PoeticaL says: and you never thought to even apologize
PoeticaL says: and besides
mark says: no i'm not
PoeticaL says: I wanna talk to your wife
mark says: there you go again trying to ruin someone's life
PoeticaL says: well...for your information if I wanted to talk to your wife I woulda done that without you ever having a clue...so get a brain...I'm not gonna do that
PoeticaL says: I just want to get even with you for making me feel bad more times than I can count
mark says: why would you do that to ANYONE? you of all peope who has been through the wringer and back and knows first hand and not so.........
PoeticaL says: listen
PoeticaL says: this is over
PoeticaL says: quit reading my diary
PoeticaL says: quit talking to me
PoeticaL says: over
mark says: ok if that is what you want
PoeticaL says: I don't trust you
PoeticaL says: I don't need to discuss my life with you
PoeticaL says: oh and one last thing
PoeticaL says: fuck you
PoeticaL says: fuck you for hurting my feelings more than once

There are times I just fucking hate the Internet!
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