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Sunday, Oct. 23, 2005
Schools are closed tomorrow. The University I work for has not decided. We are the only University that hasn’t decided. All other local U’s have closed. I am to call into work to find out in the morning…but not to report to work in the morning.

My supervisor called me to tell me to call in in the morning. He’s 25 miles away from the evacuation area in Sarasota, FL. He sounded a little stressed and said he was perhaps going to go to a shelter.

I just called the U’s main number and there is a message advising that classes are cancelled and offices are closed. I then called the “Hurricane Advisory Line”. It’s bad when you live in a state where there has to be a Hurricane Advisory Line. This line advises that there is no work and to call in sometime during midday. What time is midday? I wish they had stated a time. In the meantime I’m ok…..it’s raining but there is no wind and I still have electricity and I think we’ll be ok. I believe this is all cautionary….I’m hoping it is. We’re too far North here….from the projected path.
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