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8 more days!

Thursday, Nov. 17, 2005
Rick is now counting down the days….but yesterday he was saying ‘ten more days’ and this morning he’s saying “eight more days’. I wanna know what happened to that other day? I know I’m on a new drug but I didn’t lose an entire day already…..did I?

The next week is going to be insanely crazy.

Today I have to try to get caught up at work as I’m going to Tampa to help out my pal over there that holds the same position and is being overwhelmed. One day there and I hope to really help her out. We’re also having a potluck Thanksgiving dealio over there. I’m so ass lazy right now so I’ve signed up to bring “2 liter bottles of drinking liguids”. IE: Go to the store and spend 8 bucks and voila. No cooking for moi’. Least of all right now. Tonight Rick and I going to go buy some camping gear. I have no idea what we really should buy so this should be an experiment in hilarity. I’ll be in there looking at the Coleman gear with mucho confusion. We also have to get the apartment in ship shape as we’ll be having guests and we’re trying to figure out just how they should lay about our living room for maximum comfort. (God I cannot wait to have a house..)

Over the weekend I have to write 300 words about legalizing marijuana and then 1500 words on Diversity in the Workplace and how to Effectively Manage it for Maximum Revenue. Sound fun? No? Don’t major in Business Management then.

Over the weekend I also have to wash clothes, steam the wedding dress, meet with Austin the hair guy to discuss the wedding do. (no, not the I do do but rather the hair do do) (I just type do do when referring to my wedding…hmmm)

Sometime on Sunday I need to make a Sweet Potato Casserole for Monday night’s book club. Yes I am going. Then if I haven’t written all of those words I’ll be staying up late Monday night trying to hammer out some more of the words.

Next Tuesday is my son’s birthday and also the day that Carla arrives from Toronto. Should be a fun yet another busy day. Must still participate in school activities and do postings etc sometime during that day. (will probably do so early early in the morning before work to get it off my plate of things to do)

Wednesday will be all about working in Tampa….yes me the wonderful employee that I am offered to help my counterpart again next Wednesday. Wednesday night will be pick up night for the tuxedo’s. Will also be obtaining child on Wednesday night and will try to fit in a “birthday cake” and some frivolity for the child’s big movement into the teenage years…*sigh*…am I ready for that?? He’ll then be with me until late late Saturday night where his father will have the pleasure of coming to my wedding reception to retrieve child so that man and I can head out to the honeymoon. His father told me yesterday that he does not want him for Thanksgiving. That it is “not necessary”. Hmm…wonder what Keith wants. That never occurred to him. Ah..nevermind I’m sure Keith wants to stay with me. It’s a fun filled week of celebration.

Thursday I’m going to attempt or at least try hard to do something Thanksgiving related. Afterall there’ll be a Cannuck in the house and one must never let the Turkey Bird frivolity go astray just because a wedding is 2 days away!!! C’mon people….priorities…priorities.

Then on Friday we’ll go set up for the reception and do some last minute wedding planning organization type things. I have booked the massive hotel (more like a 2 story condo room facing the water…) 2 nights and will stay there on Friday night and get ready for the wedding nearly all from there..however do have to drive back into St. Pete to get the hair done. Should be interesting.

Then on Saturday no idea what I’ll do all day waiting for 4:30 p.m. to roll around. And then…well…yah…. 9 more days…not 8 silly boy! (well ...it is 8 if you don't count the day we're waiting for as one....)

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