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Braided - poem

Monday, Jul. 11, 2005


A thousand blankets can not warm me
Or keep my teardrops dried
I am immobile motion
Without you close to me
I need to know you are nearby

I have stood in darkness
Though itís hard to remember now
Itís impossible for me to describe Ďaloneí
Ever since you came along
I canít even begin to try

All the jagged edges of
What I used to be
Are somehow hanging beautifully
In the spring cotton whites
I am now a long row of perfectly
Lined up poetry

I was an angel without a wing
Before you I couldnít fly
Not a princess with a pretty crown
Until my prince came to tilt it back
Sometimes it still comes
Crashing to the ground
I never fall with the pieces
Because you just know
When to come around

There will never be a castle
Where I dwell too high in the sky
For in my braided letters
In the thin strands of my air
You can always find me
I will meet with you
In the arch of the motion
a shooting stars song
like the spark of a firefly
it will never take me very long



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