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Thursday, Dec. 09, 2004
I’ve had to fill out tons of paperwork to enroll. He was ignoring me UNTIL….UNTIL I wrote him this email regarding his receipt of some paperwork.

"I faxed it yesterday and I again faxed it today. Please let me know if you get it. I do not like to assume you have and then find out two weeks from now you haven't and start all over. I swear I'll send you a box of chocolates or something once we get thru this process. :-)"

Now…NOW he is replying within one minute of each of my emails. Go me! I mean, afterall how much could one candy bar cost to ship to AZ and won’t it be all melted when it gets there??? Men…..mindless I tell ya… :-)

One thing I’ve learned is when you cease being a number and become a “person” to someone you get better customer service!! EriK is now telling me all about how he’s going to college in Holland next year…I’m soooo much smarter than the average gal….

Me: Holland as in the country?

Erik: As in wooden shoes and tulips...

…..I’m now pushing it and asking him to mail me a postcard when he gets there….hahaaaaaaaaa

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