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Thursday, Feb. 14, 2002
ME: I'm goin to bed

Him: must be tired

ME: or at least goin to go do something

Him: ok

ME: your ten minutes is a lifetime

Him: i know im sorry

ME: I had pictures for you

ME: i'll email em tomorrow or something

Him: ok

ME: I'm not mad at you

ME: I'm mad at me

Him: for what

ME: long story...go work

Him: ok

Him: good nite

Im mad at myself for even giving a fuck about anyone. Im so not going to do that anymore. It just makes me cry. I want to just not feel anything anymore and I never want to have another Valentines Day in my life. Next year on this day Im going to go somewhere all by myself and lay on the beach in a bikini and ignore every man that might happen to speak to me. Next year I am going to be a major bitch to everyone on this day.

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