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Thursday, Feb. 14, 2002

Rare to hear a women talk technical? Since when??? And an email arranging a chat? “He” never does that!! “HE” just tells me that he’s always busy….grrrr…. and the way he addresses me? How cute!

kristy in the house,

read your lyrics last night and they were cool. I will have to

listen tonight, I guess that I have to download the mp3 to be able to

hear it.

My username is….*(#@(*&@

what would be a good time for me to go online tonight, say about

8:00pm central standard time.

Tell me about your job, and what you do....the computer chips, the on

board surface mount soldering as you had mentioned the other night.

You seem to possess knowledge in electronics and computers, it's very

rare for me to hear a women talk technical......


We don’t do soldering…thank god! We’re a stocking distributor. Guys always dig what I do….I gotta stay in this industry!

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