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about a boy - movie vs novel

Tuesday, May. 28, 2002
about a boy
movie vs. novel

why didn’t will give marcus a haircut?

(this kid’s crooked horrid haircut gave me the creeps throughout the entire movie…then he finally gets something done about it in the last scene and it still looks retched, although i do think this was true to the novel…i can’t recall…)

1. the mother’s hair was just as bad.

(do all english people have bad hair? wait…bran has great hair….so why did they have bad hair in this movie?)

2. why didn’t will buy marcus some new damned clothes instead of ‘trainers’?

(thank you however for calling them ‘trainers’ and sticking to the english tone of the novel…and the trueness of the novel, however you changed other stuff…why not let us see this cute kid look cute for once? and although i have sketchers and love em…that was the biggest attempt at commercialism i ever saw! good fucking grief!!)

3. why the exclusion of kurt cobain’s role in the novel?

(not that it matters much, but i liked kurt and …so why?)

overall i liked the movie, “bucky” liked the movie….it was a decent family movie without any swearing or sex, and lots of laughs. but the book is better…..way better.

4. why hugh grant when the rest of the movie is relatively acted out by unkown actors and actresses? (not that i dislike hugh..just why not someone else? although i do like his new sleek look for this film…yummy…)

two little differences between the movie and book

the social suicide song

movie: killing me softly
book: both sides now

marcus' musical awakening
movie: mystikal
book: nirvana

mystical vs nirvana? hmm…

go buy the book while you can still get the cover that doesn’t have hugh grants mug on it and read something rather than watching it. nick hornby rules. i read this book about a year and a half ago and i’m glad i did.

oh and check out


he’s got a new book coming out! not that that has shit to do with this…

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