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Thursday, Sept. 26, 2002
Yesterday my husband was diagnosed with acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Tonight they are doing further tests to make sure. But after doing tons of research I believe we have found the answer to his physical condition and problems. You can read about it yourself… I have spent the last day in a drug induced sleep, crying and in shock. reading this and this and this

This disorder is very unstable. Can lead to complete paralysis and/or death in some cases. The cause is not known and there is no effective treatment.

I have been reading real life stories like this man’s story

I found a board where he can go and read about what is happening to him and perhaps find support . it is here

(The two known treatments, plasma-pheresis and IVIG cost about $50,000)

We do have insurance.

There are some extenuating circumstances that are quite scary for me. To those of you I have confided in and found support, I thank you for your concerns and well wishes. Husband is 38 years old. He is having difficulty walking and he is still fortunately able to go to work.

I am still in shock. Special thanks to Sandy…and MP…without you guys I’d be more lost than I am…

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