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Thursday, Sept. 26, 2002
Please don’t come talking to me right now about how your life sucks because your not getting any ass…. I mean really…and then get pissed off at me for not feeling for you.... you suck Josh.... go find a hooker

Kwisty2k: why?

Mr Entropy jr: because i'm depressed . . .

Mr Entropy jr: i have no one to love . . . so i might as well focus on those that i hate

Kwisty2k: lol

Kwisty2k: where is her diary?

Kwisty2k: i forget

Mr Entropy jr: maladybess.diaryland.com

Mr Entropy jr: my note was going to be "I think about you alot. I wish you were dead"

Kwisty2k: oh man

Mr Entropy jr: i think it would bring a smile to my face to read your obituary

Mr Entropy jr: mallory's that is . . .

Kwisty2k: oh that's so not nice

Mr Entropy jr: but oh so true

Mr Entropy jr: i feel i have a lot to give . . . but no one to give it to . . .

Kwisty2k: i know those feelings well

Mr Entropy jr: well . . . you're married . . . so i doubt you know them as well as i do . . .

Kwisty2k: bullshit

Kwisty2k: i know them tenfold

Kwisty2k: to be married and still not have love is hell

Mr Entropy jr: you HAD love didn't you?

Mr Entropy jr: you've had love in the past haven't you?

Kwisty2k: yes

Mr Entropy jr: well you're one step up then aren't you . . .

Kwisty2k: yes and my husband could die leaving me no financial way to provide for a child being that we have no life insurance

Kwisty2k: but hey I'm one step up

Mr Entropy jr: forget it then . . . we aren't talking about that . . .

Mr Entropy jr: fuck you . . . don't fucking speak my name again . . . don't even fucking think it . . . i am dead as far as you are concerned . . . leave me the fuck alone . . .

Mr Entropy jr signed off at 7:15:31 PM.

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