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what the fuckever?

Sunday, Mar. 17, 2002
last night at 2 a.m. I woke up feeling alone and stuff so I drove to my house and opened the door and went in and ....

my husband came out to the living room right away naked...he sleeps naked. telling me not to come the whole way in
to wait there
I made issue of it
Telling him whoever was there needed to come out and that I thought I knew who it was anyways.
I went to the kitchen cabinets when he wouldn’t let me past him in the hallway and I started to dump dishes and glasses on the floor in a big huge pile of glass that was shattering back up my legs and feet. I walked through all of it to go back down the hallway when he made a dash for it. He was trying to push the door shut.

I pushed the bedroom door open…
in time to catch my next door neighbor Leanne crawling half naked out of the bedroom window. Mrs. Cleaver….

I then walked over to her house and smashed and pounded on their glass door so hard I have glass imbedded into my hands and I broke their front door straight through calling her a whore at the top of my lungs

Her husband said “I didn’t know Kristy I didn’t know!” What the fuck? It’s 2 a.m. and your wifes not in bed with you and you don’t know she’s riding another roller coaster? Fuck that…fuck him…fuck it all.

I wish husband would just shoot me in the head…. it would be less painful and far more rewarding.

my next door neighbor who is the mother of my son's best friend in life my next door neighbor of 4 years who is an old ugly skank of a woman my next door neighbors been sucking my husbands dick

and there’s no one to cry on

there’s no one to talk to

there’s just no one

and I left Bucky sleeping in his bedroom in that house….. And I wonder what the fuck I did in a past life for all of this……so much pain… I do not deserve this. Now he has to tell my son what he did because over my dead body is he ever going to be around her son again. Husband fucked me over and this time in the process he fucked my son over. Don’t tell ME not to punish my son this way….

And another thing….I met someone online that was local about two weeks ago. Earlier in the evening last night I went and met up with this guy at a Hess gas station where he works. I hung out there for about 2 hours talking to him, reading magazines, and eating anything and everything I wanted. I was starving so this was a good thing…. Well ever since he’s left exactly 45 voice messages on my home answering machine and my cell phone collectively. Always the same, “where are you? Well I hope you’re ok. Call me when you get in babe.”

I’m his babe? I don’t even fucking know this guy…. My answering machine is flashing 6 messages right now. I already know that its him. Fuck! Fuck me inside out…I can’t take much more of my life.

Today “he” decided that he doesn’t want to know me anymore. He’s going to move into his new trailer this week and he’s going to start a new life. That’s what he told me. He said, “I really don’t have a place in my life for hearing about your fucked up problems anymore. I’m busy and I’m moving on. Good Luck….and it’s not my fault Kristy!” *click*

I was screaming “what the fuck ever!!!!!!!” but he already hung up and my tears are rolling down my face and who the fuck cares….. a psycho leaving 6 messages at a clip?

My hands look like they went through a windshield at 90 miles an hour…cuts and bruises and bleeding….. And my phone just rang…. 24 hours after I know this person he’s saying “whatcha doin’ baby?” like he’s my fucking boyfriend. Holy fuck I’ll pay you back for the fucking cornuts!!!!

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