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Monday, Jun. 09, 2003
I worked sat 10-10 and yesterday 10 to 10:30. Unreal. And I知 at work right now. Tonight I知 going to be at home doing more work there. And I知 going to do more work necessary for the venture Brad is working on. After that I知 going to work on reading a book I知 dying to finish and then I知 going to work on taking a bath and going to bed.

Yesterday while I was at workmy awesome boyfriend did all the laundry and cleaned up the apartment and made sure Chloe was locked out of the bedroom so she couldn稚 eat my panties.and..he made me pizza last night.

Question.is mentally tired as bad as physically tired? Would you rather sit and type for 12 hours or stand on your feet for 12 hours? I was kinda told that sitting and reading and deciphering mortgage loans and data entering them shouldn稚 make me tired because after all I知 sitting down. My legs and lower back were killing me last night. Not to mention the screen tired eyes and aching fingers and forearms. I think doing any one task for 12 hours is tiring.

I figure in a few months I can pay off my fees for those classes through the state and my truck.

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