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Thursday, Jan. 15, 2004

Tonight after work I tried contacting my son over the phone....it went like this

me: hi honey...how are you?

him: hi mom...what? what? what?

lose call...

call again...

me: hi honey..can you hear me?

him: yes can you hear me?

me: yes...how was school today?

him: i get out...

lose call...

call again...

asshole answers

me: hey put him back on the phone k?

him: hi mom where'd you go?

me: nowhere....it's the phone

him: your's or Daddys?

me: Daddy's

him: oh

me: i miss you

him: what?

lose call

call again

him: Mom?

me: yes...it's me again. Tell me about your day

him: I got my room all fixed up and I even....

lose call

call again

asswipe answers

me: put him BACK on your CRAPPY phone ok?

my son again....

him: hi...where do you keep going??

me: crazy...Dad's phone stinks

him: yah, he needs to pay his bill

me: I miss you...you coming on Saturday?

lose call

call again

him: hi...can you hear me?

me: (interference..bad connection...) yah kinda

him: what about Saturday?

me: you're coming right?

him: yah...what do you wanna do?

lose call

call again

him: Mom?

me: I wanna sit and talk to you for hours....ok?

him: ok Mom

me: ya know I hate the way things are

him: me too

me: I miss you

him: i know....(gets silent) I miss you too.


him: it'll be ok Mom

me: nothing feels ok anymore

him: i miss you too Mom

me: well ok....I'll talk to you tomorrow

him: ok

hang up

walk in door crying......hating everything...missing him soo much

pick up phone and call him again

me: hey...I'm sorry I'm sad tonight, I just miss you

him: me too

me: you miss you?

him: "giggles" no I miss you too

me: what do you want to really do this weekend?

him: play with Chloe, make something...cookies....lets have fun

me: ok I'm sorry honey

him: for what?

me: missing you so much it hurts

him: that's not a thing to be sorry about, I'm sorry dad's phone sucks instead

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