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Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2002
My night was more fucked up than anyone can even imagine and yet I keep logging these events into my head, because someday I’m going to write a kick ass novel about this shit. Wow 3 bad words in one sentence?!? Must be because Bucky got a karaoke machine and my head’s still pounding. I hate Britney Spears and even more than that I hate the Backstreet Boys!

According to my friend Bry something called “Frito Pie” exists. He then gave me this recipe. I didn’t know that Texas had its very own kind of onions.

3 cups Fritos Original corn chips
3/4 cup Texas yellow onion, diced 1/4" or less
1 cup Mild Cheddar cheese, grated
2 cups Chili (your favorite -- homemade, canned, whatever)

Last night I parked the pussy car in the garage due to last nights events. I just felt better jamming that car into a garage built for one car and already holding the princess bed, an extra microwave and all the other junk I never unpacked last time I moved. This morning I realized I didn’t have the garage door opener thingie. So…first Bucky tried to hit the button and run out of the garage through the closing door. But apparently even back in the day they made garage door openers with that eye that senses important blocking objects, ie: cute children. So the garage door would fly back up to Bucky’s dismay. I sat there and watched him try to do it 3 more times just for shits and grins. It was so cute. And he kept trying to carry his backpack and the garage door button was midway up the wall so he had to stretch to reach. It was all too cute for words.
While he was running back and forth I walked into the house and closed it and walked back out to the car. He was already sitting in the car waiting. I think he figured out what I was up to.

It really sucks when the leads are so bent the parts won’t slide down into the tube. That bites bad. Refurbing bites!

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