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Monday, Jul. 21, 2003
66.22 + 405.25 + 1562.41 + 301.68 ...add it up. It's a rather big total. Ex has to pay all those bills. They are electricity and phone bills I incurred in my name while married to him. He agreed to pay and I doubt he realizes exactly what he agreed to since some of that stuff dates back to 1999. We agreed to everything in the divorce papers. He agreed to this and I'm sure bitch Cleaver will be the one that doles out her credit card to get it all paid. Ask me if I care? Yeah..I don't. This is a small price for him to pay really... Or her...whoever. I just want to have the right to go on with life. Not much to ask. Neither of us will be paying child support but he has to pay for health care and daycare at an accredited place until Bucky is 13 years old. Meaning he can't dump him on just an individual. He must place him in a decent place until age 13.

I have to sign the final papers and mail them to his attorney. The last of the phone bills came in today. I am attaching them to the divorce papers. Copies at least. He agreed and signed already and so there's no turning back. The divorce papers in my posession right now have his signature on them. This is quite a large sum of money for him to have to pay and he has only 7 days to do so. If 7 days go by and he doesn't he is then in contempt of court and...well...he will be arrested and go to jail or something....I'm sure.

I'm about to go fix my hair and go over to Rick's brother Doug's house for dinner. Doug's girlfriend Cathy is cooking dinner. Yum!

I called off sick today because I was dizzy all morning. Pregnant???

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