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Thursday, Aug. 05, 2004
I have an administrative assistant position in Clearwater. Do you have very strong word and excel skills?

I received the above sentence in a one word sentence email from a particular company. Who the hell hired her? No hello. No nothing. Just one sentence! I am so tempted to reply back “yes I have excellent word and excel skills as well as communication skills aplenty. I can write long letters, short letters and very interesting emails as well. I would be most interested in hearing back from you. But instead I wrote back and said, ‘yes’.


And then just to make things even weirder…..look at this email I got.

>From: "Ohara, Julie [FIN]"
>To: kristy_$&#!&^&@hotmail.com
>Subject: Old Pen Pal
>Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 09:44:02 -0400
>Hi Kristy,
>I'm not sure if I have the right Kristy, but I'm looking for an old pen pal from about 18 years ago. (Wow, has it been that long ago.) I used to live in Torrance, California and went to Torrance High School and I'm looking for a Kristy C*********y that lived in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. As I was cleaning up some of my old stuff at my parents' house, I came across a few old letters and I began to wonder what ever happened to Kristy. When I entered your name in Google, I came across this email address - hopefully I have the right person. If not, sorry for trouble.
>Julie H. Ohara
>Corporate Tax Department

weirdest part is…I AM THAT KRISTY from Johnstown, PA and I do remember this girl…and I never even wrote to her all that long…it was a mere 8 or 9 months of my 14th year. I think I ditchcanned her penpalship cause I lucked out and got the worlds bestest’estest ever’est penpal in my girl C.

Incidentally I’m hoping that Cassiopeia was onto something. I went on an interview today that I’m totally stoked about. Working as a Student Services Coordinator for a local college. Part of the benefits package is vacation after 60 days of work service oh..and….college accredited classes for FREE! Oh..and 3 to 4 hours a day of downtime where I can read, study, do homework or just sit and knit. The hours are sucky funk…Monday thru Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. One Saturday a month you work 4 hours and comp them off your weekly schedule.

Cross your fingers please Cassie cause PoeticaL wants that job cause I have some major learning to do. :-) Oh…and the interviewer…also divorced…also relates….and was grinning big time from across the desk the entire time about how she wanted to give this position to someone who would take full advantage and run with it like a kid in a candy store with a piggy bank full of pennies. Uh…that would Moi! I wikes me some candy. Did I mention their receptionist just got promoted to the finance department making mucho bucks because she answered phones for 2 years and got herself a free edumacation? Well she did! The candy there is good & plenty.

The staffing job...they just called me in there to see how polished I look in my business digs I swear because there wasn't a good question she could ask that wasn't detailed in my former temp status there and besides...I was there for 3 minutes. They'll decide next week. In other words, "who has the nicest suit?" *rolls eyes*

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