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Wednesday, Jun. 22, 2005
I love love love it when someone messages me, emails me or leaves me a note recommending a book. I went to IHOP the other day for lunch. I actually like IHOP and there’s one close to where I work when on the Tampa side of the bay so I like to drop by there and grab some cheap bad café coffee, pull out a book and read.

The same 4 waitresses work there in the afternoons and yesterday one of them asked me how many books I read on average. I suppose this question was ignited by the fact that I’m always sitting alone in there reading. I told her I once read 52 in one year and have probably done the same thing before without counting but that lately I had drastically cut down on my reading pleasure because of school.

She went on to tell me that she recently bought a Dr. Phil book because she LOVES him. (gag) and that she hasn’t yet opened it. (so much for love eh?)

I can’t imagine being a non-reading person and yet I have found many of them in my time on this earth. I grew up with two of them for siblings. She asked me where I found my love for books, I was a goon and told her “Oh…well…at the bookstore where else?” She laughed…THAT was funny? :-P

I read a lot of writer’s blogs, I swoon over the yearly Tod Goldberg recommendation lists like a fiend waiting for a crack rock, I read book magazines (tho’ they barely ever remain in circulation because of all you NON-readers out there!!) I love the bookslut site and have a few review sites I absolutely covet.

But when someone I actually know and admire who is talented and smart and artistic recommends a book to me….well consider it bought and on it’s way to my home. (yah ok so ebay is my friend)

The waitress at IHOP told me she wished she were a reader too, I told her, “that’s the great thing books don’t hold grudges so they’ll welcome you with open pages.”

Yah I’m a book dork. And yah…devian you rock for ‘insisting’ the way you have. Thanks!
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