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Thursday, Jun. 01, 2006
Most mornings I come into work and I realize this is not my calling. By that I do not mean that I hate my job or that I don’t find pleasure within my day or my daily tasks. What I mean is that my heart is not soaring as I do this work. My soul is not dancing either.

I wonder what it must be like to work at something you adore, something you admire and respect and love within your core.

These are things I have never much thought about before but as I gain my education I find myself wrestling in the mud with the question “What is it that I really want to do?”
Most of the time I find myself missing the pure joy of having an open notebook and a new pen. I miss having time to write poetry and listen to music (without studying as I do so….that is…). I wish I had time to write and dream and think freely.

Last night Rick made an offhanded comment, “What would you do if I bought you a bookstore?” My immediate and joyful response was, “I’d quit my job and rearrange books all day long.” And then last night I tossed and turned with an upset stomach (not related to this post, this story or this issue…) and kept thinking about what it might be like to own a bookstore. Eh…I’d probably always be broke, I’d probably loath carrying such nonsense as Harlequin romance novels, etc. But then I thought,.. “imagine owning a bookstore and not having to worry about money…” And then my mind went into the sequence of winning the lottery, buying a huge bookstore on the beach with an outside deck for reading on the beach…so people could read books without buying them and read on big decks along the beach like a Bookwalk …get it like boardwalk but with books. And I’d have NO harlequins, I’d have lots of cool magazines and iced coffee and suntan lotion and liquor…beer on the beach while reading…nice. I’d have a liquor license and sell gum and candy bars and books of course books…but I’d have Italian Ice and Salt Water Taffy and metal sand pails and shovels…..sweet. Oh what I could spend my days doing if only I won the lottery and didn’t care about money but wanted to cater to beach reading…..and yes I would sell poetry on beach towels…..your poetry on a beach towel….how cool would that shit be?

Now all I have to do is win the lottery and you can come to the bookwalk and read….because I have big plans for all that money I don’t have.

And now for an unrelated meme I saw somewhere…

5 items in my fridge

half and half

5 items in my closet

Black pants (about 15 pair no lie..)
White shirts (about 20..no lie)
White purse I have never used
Lots of shoes
Dresses I rarely wear

5 items in my car

Bills I have to pay
Laundry detergent
Cellphone charger
My pink bookbag

5 items in my purse

Sidekick cellphone
business cards
address book
receipts from Borders

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