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Tuesday, Apr. 25, 2006
Last night I had book club. We just finished reading “The Doctor’s Wife by Elizabeth Brundage (a 4 star novel on amazon). Everyone, but me, showed up late last night. I was not early but I was exactly on time. Everyone else was twenty minutes late. EVERYONE else. *sigh* Then, they proceeded to talk about

1. diets
2. personal trainers
3. dinner
4. careers
5. weather
6. marriage
7. divorce
8. children
9. children’s choice of colleges (the cheapest one in the area…crap education..I could barely listen to that topic.
10. neighbors selling dope (oh god please shoot those people, never mind the child molester’s who outnumber the non-child molesters in Florida….)

They did not talk about

1. the book
2. the author
3. the characters
4. the plot
5. the ending

They did talk about (in reference to…oh yah we read a book didn’t we???)

1. abortion
2. divorce
3. cheating
4. sex

The next book has been chosen (by one person….not by the group…how the hell did that happen after my choice of a book was scoffed at by all….then loved by all but the chooser not thanked…) This book will be….True Believer by Nicholas Sparks. (a 3 star novel on amazon!) I haven’t read any Nicholas Sparks because I’ve always ranked him in there with Danielle Steele. I wouldn’t have ever read a Nicholas Sparks novel if it were up to me and me alone. I hate that this group wants to sit and read every freaking novel that the bookstores place on the front end caps. *sic* I hate that aspect.

I remember telling people I feared joining a book club because it would turn into a cackle club more than a book club. I fear, after last night, that perhaps my fears have come true. However, I am holding out hardcore hope that I am wrong.

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