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Can I read along?

Wednesday, Nov. 06, 2002
From: "Jamie"
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>Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 09:37:08 -0500

>How do I read along as you go?

I told him that he couldnít.

He replied by saying

ďJust make sure when the movie version comes out that you use our music for the soundtrack! :DĒ

;-) I think thatís so nice that he said that.

I started to write this novel because Iíve been talking about it for two years now. I started because nano motivated me. Thousands of people are on the nano site and the large majority have less than 1,000 words or are seriously behind in the 1,666 per day requirement to get to 50K in thirty days. Sure some people are maybe going to write thousands of words over the weekend or something, but if you want encouragement just log onto that site and look at the people lagging behind. And then find some awesome writer whoís way ahead of you and Iím off and typing.

As it turns out, my friends and those that have read my writing are completely behind me in my efforts. Iíll be working on this long after nano is finished. Editing and rewriting and adding more words. I believe that technically most books have more than 50,000 words. I intend to seriously write down the guts of my storyline and work at it. No short story lamo book either. I am writing and tackling a full length novel. And Iím so hard on myself. I donít want shit just to say ďhey look at me, Iím all that, I wrote 50,000 words in 30 days and who cares if its good or not. I want more for myself. Itís not about impressing anyone. Itís about accomplishing something Iíve wanted to do for a long time.

I suppose I might have to give an excerpt out to my friends because I appreciate their interest and support. It only seems fair. But I doubt seriously that itíll ever end up plastered on the Internet for free. Itís just not going to happen. I want more than that.

I have a newfound respect for Tod Goldberg this week. He spends his whole life hammering out fiction.


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