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Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006
Beach Theatre

This afternoon we, my son and I, went to St Pete Beach Theatre. Rick was busy watching football and we were restless. I decided to get out of the house. We arrived early and walked around a little bit. We went into an antique shop where my son insisted he kept seeing “the grudge” from The Grudge 2 that we saw the previous night. ha!

This theatre is old and antique and on a very cool street. The kind of street I’d love to live on so I could go for a walk every day down the cobblestone. But there’s nothing in the way of rental properties in that area.

We saw the movie Confetti. This theatre shows lowbrow types of movies. The last movie I saw there was also British. It’s a little more adult friendly than most theatres but we had a good time. The movie had “some” nudity in it. The popcorn seller advised me of this. I said, “He’s 14.” He said, “uh..yah.”

It’s odd my ex-husband is now a so-called Bible thumper and I’m so liberal it’s amazing we ever got together. Nudity? Hmm…my son see’s himself naked daily…it’s all good.


At one point my son took a great shot with his Razor phone. I was hunting for something in my purse or something. I liked it enough to ask him to email it to me. Sweet. I really treasure the time we spend together. I know that one day I might have to beg him to come and visit me in an old folks home so I can complain about the guy that lives down the hall who has flatulence. Time is so fleeting…so precious.

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