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Thursday, Aug. 24, 2006
Today feels odd. Very odd. Weird things happening at work today, things I canít talk about. Iím also getting emails about normal day to day issues but I canít make myself concerned. Iím not going to be here to be concerned so how can I fix the world in the next 4 hours? I canít. Simple.

I can only think about tomorrow morning and tonight. My last few hours of pain free living. Tonight I want to take a long hot bath, wash my bed sheets/comforter, play and cuddle with Chloe, talk to my son and get some rest.

My mind is not connecting things normally. Iím distracted and fuzzy.

Last night went out to dinner with the man. We talked about a baby. A baby we may have or may never have. It felt good to finally speak about it as though itís more of a possibility than not. I hope we can continue to do thatÖ..time only time will tell.

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