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Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2002
This morning I drove to work with a smile on my face. “Bucky” kept asking me why I was grinning. I forgot about how I’m driving on the spare tire that also keeps needing air. I forgot about how I only had $5 for the next 3 days. I forgot all about how I forgot to make a sandwich for lunch. I didn’t think much about how I only had about a half gallon of water left at work. (I drink lots of water..) I ignored the 3 overdue $15 fine worth books lying in the back of the pussy mobile. I forgot about my vinyl chapped lips. I didn’t even glance at the gas gauge and try to determine how many more miles I could drive before having to chuck my $5 into the tank.

I glanced at “Bucky” fidgeting around in his seat a few times. The sunshine chasing across his little face while he opened and closed my ‘ $21 TOFOG’ making that screeching plastic on plastic noise. Usually that would urk me, not during this morning’s drive.

I pushed my idiotic tantrum behavior about the messy house last night right out of my mind. My grip on the steering wheel was loose and limber. Our Lady Peace on the CD player just loud enough that “Bucky” didn’t complain. And all I did was smile and tell “Bucky”, “I don’t know why I’m smiling…stop asking me.”

BUT… that is a lie. I do know why… I have been diagnosed…by a profound doctor of wordage, and I will therefore never be the same. I shall move into the pretty world of legal narcotics as soon as I find a local doctor with the prescription pad. But I have now seen the light and I am forever changed. Case in point: proofrok’s diagnosis

First I need to say I do live for poetry and its nice that someone would say it lives in me. When I changed my diary link from PoeticaL to trulypoetic I felt like perhaps I was being a little non-humiliated or something. Or perhaps too full of my poetry word loving self? *shrugs* Seems that no one’s noticed my big head. lol My life has been all over the place…. And so anyways…I’m not just “cynically unrepressed” like I previously thought. This is good news….

So just to be sure of his prolific diagnosis…. I went for a second opinion and turns out I checked 5 or more….*sigh*

But lookie all is not lost, there are all these nice sugar coated friends I’m gonna make some relationships with soon….(looks just like a perfect little poem)

Hey proofrock….just a little more proof that you rock!! ((((((((proofrock))))))))) thanks for the smile…

And just to add a cherry on top of my morning….

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Now who is the lame one? Here I am sending an email, just to say I am thinking of ya?.


Awwwwwwwwww…. Who needs Prozac? Uh…yeah ok ok I’ll go…get some…

Achin’ for some love drug…
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