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Sunday, Mar. 14, 2004

Dear Me,


There’s something I have to say to myself…(you) loud and clear…


We need to watch it in my mind slip through our fingers like sand, like tiny particles of a dead body, death itself.  We need to cry, scream, and mourn and go on and quit banging our bloody hands upon the casket of what was and look up and see that the sky is still blue.  I need to, and sometimes I wonder if and when this might happen.  


Yah like a puzzle piece that’s missing, a phone call a mystery a place in line you’ve been holding for me, buying my groceries, drinking my milk, I’m there like a name card you hold me up with your skeleton thoughts.  My name stands alone and you chew your food absentmindedly.  A moment, a song you sang and I remembered and all of it mosaic sticking together falling apart, moving forward and back again.


Some other side of……we know he can make it look easy, tan skin, beach combed eyes, you look at me right through me and I have to look away.  He’s moved on, he’s 3 chapters ahead and I know where my book is but I’m too busy stopping the blood falling from my shattered head with all of my blank unwritten pages. 


All of me, spread all over the lawn, I am laundry long gone left to dry, color bled, dead…


Yes that part of us is dead.


We need to walk though me, I and you and you and I hand in hand lets go….go bang against my soul with might, break me, revive me and leave me alive…if you’re going to leave, leave me alive.  Just remember, no one can hurt us, if we fight….



You and I





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