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dumb dog...you're so cute and I love you to death

Monday, Apr. 18, 2005
Chloe likes to bark. She likes it a lot. She’s a honest to goodness perfectionist when it comes to barking however she doesn’t seem to care that there is a purpose and so most of the time she barks only at people that come near her doors or knock on her doors or deliver pizza at the door but sometimes she insists on barking at nothing that is visible or can be heard by the human ears. Of course the door visitor is different and must be attacked. When she exhibits this behavior it is annoying to all those around her. When someone and I do mean ANYONE comes near the sliding glass door in the back she rushes at the door and proceeds to bark and “scare” away the would be intruder by slamming her entire small body nearly thru the thick glass itself. These sliding glass doors are dangerous because 1. they are made of glass…doh and 2. they hold upon them vertical blinds. Yes vertical blinds on a horizontal sliding glass door. (I assume the complex did this because they are cheaper than horizontal blinds.) Blinds are as dangerous to wittle itty bitty doggie’s as they are to babies. Case in point….

This weekend a would be intruder, that remains nameless and will not comment, walked past Chloe’s glass sliding doors and she proceeded to attack the glass with her furious angry ridden little dog body and in the process she got her little puppy nail attached to a string that holds the vertical blinds together. Once she realized that her precious doggy paw was attached to the blind’s she proceeded to whine and yelp and carry on and get more and more agitated and excited. Her human Daddy ran to her aid while her human Mommy realizing what was going on picked her out of Daddy’s hands and held her using soothing Mommy to doggy words while both her human parental units tried in vain to remove said string. The string was imbedded into her nail and was found to be impossible to remove and so the string was murdered with a pair of scissors in a quick and diligent manner. Then the princess doggie was released. After much babying and cooing from the Mommy human she was replaced back into her favorite red chair. The blind was then lifted up so that the strings and blinds were not a danger to the princess doggy.

Ten minutes later when another would be intruder came past the door the same doggy displayed her inability to learn new tricks and proceeded to rush the door full speed in the same former manner.

Dumb dog. Dumb cute dog….that I love to death. Gone be the blinds!
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