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Sunday, Apr. 17, 2005

My weekend was brimming full of all things I wanted

from it and some that I never expected.


My former list with finished items bolded


Read 3rd week workshop reading for my class

Wash the dog

Clean the floors

Change the sheets

Clean up my books

Take a long hot bubble bath

Get a pedicure

Look for chocolate brown paint for the living room

Read a book that is non-school related

Go for coffee

Clean up the bedroom


Not bad for a long weekend.  I usually can’t cross

anything off of my lists.  I still need to give the dog a

bath, take a long hot bubble bath (that got thwarted after that bathtub scene in Amityville Horror did me in for that!!!!)  I did manage to clean up a lot of stuff.  The only thing that really needs cleaned is the bathroom and I’m hoping the man takes a bottle of bleach to that sucker today (that is IF he gets sent home early) 


My son was with me all weekend and we went to the movies together, went clothing shopping together (I bought a new lime green patterned skirt and matching shirt and tangerine skort and matching shirt…cute SUMMER feeling clothes)


Tonight I made dinner for my son and my man.  I made barbeque chicken legs (in the oven) and broccoli cheesy mac and creamed corn.  Yum.  I was craving Barbeque big time all week.  I found out on Friday that I’ll have to drive across the bay every day this week twice. Geez m’queez my damn gas bill is going to be HUGE!  Gah….I can expense it but whew I hate going to the gas station three times a week and seeing those prices.  Hate it!


I went to the bookstore on Friday prior to my son’s arrival and read a good bit of a book that just came out in paperback.  I was loving it and wanted to buy it and realized I forgot my card….so I looked up the guys website and dropped him a note and surprise surprise two days later he wrote back to me!  I love authors that I dig and then they turn out to be NICE!  Love ‘em.  I also went back and BOUGHT the book prior to getting his return message.  I’m loving it. 



From : 


Sent : 

Monday, April 18, 2005 1:20 AM

To : 




Dear Kristy,


Well, bless you for reading so much and for staying up, thinking about it.

That book gave me quite a few sleepless nights, so I guess it's only fair

for it to give some readers a few sleepless nights as well. You didn't say

where you were writing from. In any case, I hope you have an at least

temporary cure for your insomnia, and that all goes well for you otherwise.



Charles Baxter




On 15 Apr 2005, Kristy wrote:

on Friday, April 15,

> 2005 at 21:49:32




> I started to read Saul & Patsy tonight at a bookstore while drinking a

cup of

> coffee.  I read about 45 pages and the store was closing.  I was going to


> it and found that I left my debit card at home.


> I wanted you to know that for the last 3 hours I have been unable to


> because I wish I had that book with me.


A few days ago I told the man I was disappointed that he was not going to bring me a cup of coffee.  I realize now that I hurt his feelings and though it wasn’t intended I have to stop doing that….


And finally it must be addressed.  Two little girls murdered in Florida within weeks by known former sex offenders.  I believe some laws need to be changed.  If you are a sex offender against children you should be under some sort of surveillance or the original sentences need to be longer.  I can’t bear to watch the local news right now, I just sit there and shake and cry and fill up on anger and helplessness.  My chest feels so heavy…. 


Today I let my son walk down the street by himself to go to Big Lots and buy some folders and crayons etc.  I feel a sense of wanting to give him freedom and independence and then I fear ….and yet I want him to live life.  And then I’m grateful he’s a boy and not a girl and then I smash my thoughts to bits and pieces because there is no guarantee and then I just hang my head and sob for the way life is so dangerous to helpless children. 

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