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Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2004
Ok so my previous entry gives me a headache to think about, but I havenít even started and I know this much about this University. Itís simply about starting at the beginning and not running out of gas. Meaning you will get from point A to point B and very few students drop out, fail out and or lose out unless they themselves personally chose to do so. You get what you give. So while itís all daunting to meÖI know that I have endured far worse in previous years than I will in the next two of pursuing my degree. Ohhh but if you read the coursework and the syllabus you will get a headache. You simply have to start at Point A and not look down the road, just keep driving and you will get there.

I can only say that for me, this is something that Iíve wanted to do for a very very long time. And looking ahead it feels like it might take forever, but I canít wait for my forever to start.

I have a few major things going for me when it comes to my education.

1. itís free 2. I can do a great portion of my schoolwork while literally being at work for the University.
3. I have a man in my life that loves me, will mentally support me, and WILL give me backrubs and help me physically reduce stress when needed. (right honeyÖright? right??)
4. I can type really fast and seeing as how my education will happen online Iím a shoe in for active participation scoring. Hell if this were Diaryland U Iíd have my doctorate already!!! :-)

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