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Sunday, Jul. 02, 2006
A lot of the papers I have to write for school require that you write about an experience youíve had within the workplace. I keep writing papers about issues that Iíve never encountered in the workplace, therefore my papers are entirely fiction written about real characters renamed and companies Iíve worked for that are now renamed. It is like writing a short story that is entirely fiction. I keep getting Aís. I donít get Aís on worksheets and assignments that require me to match up scenarios with descriptions, etc. Those are the places I lose points.

So this tells me two things. I donít like facts and figures AT ALL. I prefer to write fiction. It's a good thing I'm not studying to be an accountant.

I imagine that I would not like tort laws. I imagine that I would not like scientific facts.

I'm studying Business Management. I'm all about telling people what to do.

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