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fuck......this sucks

Monday, Jul. 07, 2003
What am I supposed to think of this???I think it sucks...I wish he would just 'talk' to me instead.

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hey kristy i am really sorry for everything.
i have also decided that i am going to be
gone all next week. then you won't have to
worry about me.
take care this week. have fun. i am sure you won't
miss me and i am sure i will miss you!!!!!
remember that i really do love you and always
will. also the dog likes to be walked every morning
and when you get home. i will be here tonite but i will
leave in the morning for a week. please don't call me
when you get this. e-mail me. please remember i will always
love you no matter what.i will only be gone for a week
not forever so don't get to happy

i love you with all of my heart
(whats left of it) HEHE

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