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Thursday, Nov. 03, 2005
I was horribly upset that I lost my novel “Infection” in the great laptop dump of 2005. But I just gleefully found it amongst my never used hotmail account o’storage. Yippee…can you say BURN YOUR FILES TO CD?

Whilst looking for Infection amongst my other crap writing….I found this little diddy from my best girl pal who happens to be coming to be my maid o’honour in less than 30 days. This cracks me up totally. After I stop laughing at this I am considering in the near future posting my half ass novel I started to write years ago….or maybe not.

From : Carla
Sent : Wednesday, January 22, 2003 6:28 PM
To : kristy_******@hotmail.com
Subject : Re:

Rick? YOu met Rick a week ago and you're staying at his place? He could be some deranged lunatic? (there's a song in there somewhere...:) ) so what does Rick do? what does he say? how did you meet him? ARE YOU MAD WOMAN??????

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