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Friday, Sept. 30, 2005
Friday! Scream it with me…it’s Friday! I have lots of work related hub bub going on this weekend with the U. Blah….

I’ve been busy busy…and yet I have been reading this book this week (at night after schoolwork….)

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What’s this book about? Here’s my “I’m almost done reading this book book review” I have about 50 pages to go and will most likely finish today after work. And if what I’ve read is any indication of what is left in these 50 pages I am stopping at the grocery store for marshmallows and Hershey bars to cook over the heat I will create later.

Jane is married to Alan, Alan falls and then has a bad back with a lot of pain thereafter and due to this health problems, Jane becomes his caregiver as he can barely function anymore. He has difficulty walking, driving, sitting, standing, etc. Jane and Alan grow apart rather than together due to this health issue. Alan changes a lot due to his back problems and Jane no longer recognizes him as being her husband but she dutifully stands by him making his lunches and bringing everything to him as “he now has a bad back.” Jane is a University administrator and Alan is a professor at the same University. Alan has an affair while Jane is exploring the possibilities of having one of her own. Both with other people that work at the same University.

Alan beats Jane and has his affair first with a poet Delia who also works at the University. Jane busts them in the act and prior to her walking into the room (within the Univeristy) he hides behind the curtains. Jane walks into the room talks to Delia and low and behold she sees Alan’s socked feet under the curtain hem near the floor. How ridiculas is this? The pussy of a husband she has hides behind the curtains?

Ok so this book is a huge reminder of my own cheating ex-husband and it’s badly written to boot. It makes me angry and its full of people who justify their wrong doings. Oh and Mr. Alan with the bad back somehow overlooks his extreme pain to fuck someone else. Gahhh make me angry you stupid book will ya? I have 50 pages to go and Jane has returned to Alan after moving out for one week…..ONE WEEK? Gahhhhhh you stupid twit….. And while she was gone for that week she banged some other guy (the husband of the ho her own husband banged) on top of two busted down bales of hay. She banged someone else after he banged someone else and now she’s moving back in. Oh and while she was gone she still provided him with dinner daily by placing it into the refrigerator with microwave directions. Yah your husband is messing around on you and you’re making his dinner…..double TWIT.

The last 50 pages better redeem themselves. And yah Ms. Lurie….yah if you googled yourself and you’re here reading this….you book pisses me off. Does that mean it sucks…I can’t decide. But where oh where did you find these stupid characters that I can’t seem to care about? Where? I have no idea what their hobbies are, what kind of cars they drive or how they ended up in these situations…heck you didn’t even flesh out Alan’s big accident that left him unable to walk but able to still fuck. I don’t get it! This might be the first book that causes me to light a match and scream in joy as I watch it burn….burn…burn. I won’t even feel guilt about destroying a book because here’s yet another stupid ass book with a headless woman on its cover!!! When is the headless trend going to end? When damn it…when??? This book pisses me off! S’mores anyone?

Something KristyK will like!

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