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Wednesday, Nov. 02, 2005
I have a list……I will keep typing a list until 15 minutes goes by and I can go home.

1. I love my boss
2. I love my boss
3. It has taken me 3 hours to eat a Adkins Advantage Chocolate Coconut Bar.
4. Apparently it wasn’t that tasty.
5. I had lunch with the birthday boy today
6. Wish Rick a Happy Birthday….today’s the day.
7. I love my man.
8. The last two days have taught me that I am loved, even when my head twists around and around and spew comes out Exorcist style.
9. Did I mention that I love my man?
10. Work is always going to be a source of difficulty. It’s a stressful job.
11. I love my job.
12. Not as much as I love my man.
13. I love my boss.
14. Not even close to as much as I love anything else.
15. I have a meeting to attend approximately the same time in which my son was born 13 years ago. 10 a.m. on November 22nd. There will be a moment of silence prior to the meeting. I will be the parent of a teenager. Let us all pray.
16. I am tired.
17. I have a swamp view.
18. I want to go home and snuggle with the man.
19. Did I mention how much I love my boss but that doesn’t even amount to anything because I love my man so much there’s little love really left for the boss.
20. I thanked everyone that was around me yesterday for overlooking Bridezilla.
21. Chadly called me out today.
22. So did Tonymac
23. They both said I was Bridezilla’ish.
24. Kristy’s now going to pack it in for the work day.

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