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Monday, Apr. 04, 2005
Kwisty2k: hope she doesn't get fat...because if she does daddy won't love her anymore
jfarren8: she won't get fat because she's active and doesn't hate herself.
Kwisty2k: hahaha
Kwisty2k: you think fat people all hate themselves?
Kwisty2k: is that what you really think Justin?
jfarren8: just using you as the example , really. oh and i hated myself and got fat.
Kwisty2k: oh and interesting that The University of Texas at Dallas....has online programs.....
Kwisty2k: i don't hate myself
Kwisty2k: i love who I am
jfarren8: yeah they do!
Kwisty2k: i'm a good person who's doing amazing things despite people like you offering your frigged up opinions
jfarren8: but it gives her time to herself to take classes on campus
Kwisty2k: oh good....glad she's not an online student...because you say all online programs suck
jfarren8: you are not a good person, and whatever you are is muddled by chemical imbalance and pharmaceutical dependencies.
jfarren8: no, i said UofP is a scam, and is laughable.
Kwisty2k: I'm not dependent upon any drugs....seeing as I'm not on any. You have a lot of nerve pitching your attitude towards and about UoP when you know nothing about them.

So he thinks fat people are unhappy and thatís why they are fat. He also thinks online educations are worthless. I know a lot of people who have the same misconceptions about both issues. Fat people are unhappy and thatís how they got that way. Thatís funny because Iím very happy with my life right now and it doesnít mean squat to me anymore what size I am, just that Iím healthy and I know that I am. I also challenge anyone to get an education online. Itís not as easy of a task as it might appear. And oddly enough online programs mirror onsite programs.

p.s. as happy as I am right now with life...if someone told me gaining 100 lbs would make me twice as happy...I'd probably do it. Life is not about the size of your ass.
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