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got salad spinner?

Saturday, Mar. 27, 2004
Happy Saturday….going on a week now that I’ve been on a diet. Don’t ask me how much I’ve lost because I don’t know. I need the following items for my diet…

1. blender (protein shakes sure would taste better blended up with ice
2. scale (this is a nightmare to face…but yah I’m gonna buy a scale for my house, used to have one, but need a decent one.
3. salad spinner (wet lettuce..YUCK!)
4. cheese shredder (can eat lots of cheese..must have shredder…..)
5. George Forman grill (can eat lots of steak, pork, chicken, fish..MUST have grill)

This is today’s dinner….spinach leaves…sliced egg (top of photo), fried bacon and cubed cheese. I do have salad dressing, its No Carb, No Sugar bacon ranch dressing and it’s quite yummy. I’m even surprised. Happily that is….

Must go do research online…looking for a device that allows you to easily carry a dictionary/thesaurus in one small compact electronic device without a huge out of the question price. Thinking I might buy an old model PDA just for this purpose. Need it…

The boys are swimming……boys meaning my son and b.f.’s cousin Sean. Having fun they are they are….

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