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Friday, Dec. 08, 2006
I think that for every tragedy there is a lesson to be learned. This lesson does not in any way indicate that someone made a mistake as I believe in this recent well known Kim family story, there is no mistake in seeking to save your loved ones. I hesitate to talk about this but I need to because it is really the biggest thing on my mind as of late. I do not feel he did anything wrong whatsoever. I believe it would take the patience of ten God’s to not want to seek help. But I also wondered “what is the best thing to do if I ever find myself in that situation?”. I found this article this morning and it gives some great information about what to do if you are ever stranded.

"It takes three minutes to die without oxygen, three hours without shelter, three days without water and three weeks without food," said Burchard, the training director for the King County Search and Rescue Association.” Read the entire article here

This story has haunted me, stayed in my heart for weeks now. I do not feel that time will ever erase it from my memory. I live in Florida and never travel in the snow, but if I ever do I am sure that I will go prepared in memory of Mr. Kim. I am amazed that I cannot shake this man’s story and I will most likely pray each night for his family.

I found another interesting article here

Life is sometimes full of sadness, disappointment, etc. I always want to believe that there is someone in your corner and have myself learned that is not always the case. Sometimes life puts you in situations whereby the only person you can rely on is yourself. I wrote an email to a co-worker today that included “I hope you're still my friend when I walk across the stage and graduate because it surely will not be the same if you aren't. People tell me not to trust you, not to consider you my friend and I have consistently ignored those statements. I want to believe I am not wrong to do so. It's conflicting because it'd be nice to know someone's in my corner. Maybe in life you're in the ring alone.”

It’s sometimes so hard to realize that when it comes to trust or belief in others you still have only yourself to rely upon. I have been disheartened in the past by people who claim to be one thing and turn out to be another. I have sat in dark corners alone and realizing that it always comes back to that same thing…in the end it is you and only you that can save yourself. Perhaps this is all what keeps running through my mind when I think of Mr. Kim and maybe this is why it resonates so deeply with me. I imagine being placed in that place of making difficult decisions and I believe I would crawl on my hands and knees for as long as this world would allow me if I were doing it for my child. So many people were in his corner, but ultimately he was on his own in his endeavors. People often say “I would go to the end of the world for you” to those that they love…but how many truly do? It is that kind of love that many of us will never truly know without doubt. Words are so pretty, so needed and actions are so much more difficult. Mr. Kim, I have learned much from you, oh but what I wouldn’t give to not have.

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