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Thursday, Sept. 07, 2006
Today’s doctor’s appointment was disturbing to say the least. I expected one thing and got ten other things. I was informed (with pictures) of exactly everything they did during surgery. It’s no wonder my left side was so sore, etc. because they did a procedure to the left ovary called “ovarian drilling”. This allows the ovary to release eggs. PCOS causes a shell or layer to form on the outside of the ovary that prevents this. The doctor simply drilled holes in the ovary so that there is some method for the egg to be released from it rather than it being trapped inside.

The Dr. showed me the enlarged right ovary that was removed and the left ovary that was drilled. I did not know they were going to do the drilling procedure at the same time, but I’m also ok with this because it is a very normal treatment for PCOS and I’d rather they did it while they were in there than to schedule a separate procedure. They also showed me what they found in the enlarged ovary and I could have truly lived my entire life without seeing a color photo of that. Disgusting!

They also did a D&C and yes this was procedure I knew they were doing. When they did that procedure they found precancerous cells in the matter that was removed. Lovely. So there are precancerous cells in my uterus.

So this morning the Doctor again asked me if I wished to have a baby soon. I said, yes. I was given Medroxyprogesterone. This drug is a complicated drug that they can only allow you to take for a short period of time. In my case, I will be taking it for three months. It’s used to do a hormonal test of sorts on the uterus, etc. If it causes me to bleed then it’s successful.

In early December I will go back to the doctor to see if the precancerous cells remain in my uterus at that time. The doctor will do a procedure in December to check again. My body may cleanse itself of them due to the induced bleeding that Medroxyprogesterone will hopefully cause. My body may also already be cleared of them due to the D&C. Only time will tell. Often women test positive and then months later test negative.

I thought I was clear of cancer and here I am still concerned all over again. I’m trying hard not to freak out because a) its pre-cancerous cells that could turn cancerous, not already cancerous b) there is a chance it will go away c) only time will tell. d) if it doesn’t go away we’ve caught it early.

I share all of this because I cannot believe how much there is for a woman to know about their own bodies and until you have to know you usually don’t bother to find out. There should be a class in high school about all of this. I had sex ed….how about some better health courses? That would have been nice.

Oh well….that is the latest update. *sigh*

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