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Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2006
Right now I hate my job, I hate my car, my dog, my house, my shoes, my face….everything. This is some wicked ass pms. Wicked. I don’t want to write, read, play.

I just want to pout, worry and ignore everything and everyone.

It’s horrible.

Thank god for:

New Paul Westerberg music (Open Season soundtrack…a soundtrack to a cartoon kids movie….bliss) (go download Whisper me Luck by Paul Westerberg….bliss.!!!)
Raspberries and sugar free Cool Whip
New pink earphones
Hot baths
Hugs from husbands

Too bad I hhhhate …..

Check out how big my kid is getting…. SOMEONE told him he could not read that book….Jesus Convenient….gahh… I’ve always been a rebel in the motherhood department. He’s not really reading it….I just had to have photographic proof of my disdain. Did I say I was hating on everything?.....that doesn’t include them….

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I only wish forever
And less is not enough
-Paul Westerberg

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