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"him" is not an ex-lover

Sunday, Sept. 10, 2006
I'm up late watching scary movies with my son. I just checked my email and I got an odd email. I suspect who sent it, but alas....it doesn't matter. I thought only dooce got this sort of mail. The previous entry about vitamins and supplements and dietary changes have nothing to do with "feeling better' because I do not feel poorly. They have to do with being truly healthier. I need nothing to make me "feel better" because my life is great right now. It's actually a pisspoor time for me to face health issues when my peronal life, work life, school life, and my relationship with my son are going great. I mean why now? But I cannot focus in on feeing sorry for myself because that gets a person nowhere. I am instead trying to make some changes to take better care of my health and my body. I have decided upon a proper diet and excercise, etc. I am simply addressing the problem from all angels.

It appears that this person see's it differently...and that's ok. Interpretation is an artform.

From: "Jenny S" To: poeticalgirl@hotmail.com
Subject: Friendly Advice
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2006 22:22:18 -0400

You seem awfully concerned about medicines and things to make you
feel better. Especially those recommended by a man you used to love.

You might want to be careful. When you seek out ex-lovers it can
appear that you're trying to find something you're not getting from
your current relationship.

I'm just expressing a different opinion.

You put things out on the internet after all.

It is very important for me, a reader, to tell you how you're living
your life.



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My response:

Him is not an ex-lover. Him and I have never met each other. He owns a medical supply company and provides urological supplies, etc. to people every single day. Which means he fills out medical forms etc. every single day. He also owns a storefront vitamin store and knows all about vitamins and herbal supplements as he deals with them constantly.

I am awfully concerned about my health, yes. I've always taken vitamins, I'm just adding a few things and changing a few things to improve my female related health as it is a concern.

I'm grateful that I can pay for my vitamins and health, and do not have to rely on other people to donate monies to my charitable cause? I'm glad I have a job where I have insurance and do not have to rely upon anyone else to cover those expenses for me. That added stress would not be good for my overall health whatsoever. I consider myself very fortunate that I can adequately address my health concerns.

My current relationship is more than a relationship. It is a marriage. A marriage that is very healthy and happy. A marriage where my husband allows me to have friendships with other people, especially those that are a good influence on my mental as well as physical well being. He knows that I love him and does not feel threatened by a conversation about vitamins and supplements and health concerns with a long time friend.

Thanks Jenny, but next time include some advice? Thanks for your opinion. I would love some constructive feedback.

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