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hi to the clouds - poem

Tuesday, Jul. 23, 2002
hi to the clouds

swinging from the monkey bars
of possibility
i just want to run off
into a meadow
lay there entangled in
your grass blade thoughts

constantly i ask myself
what time is it now
and then it hits me like
a watch crash on highways
its now there too

say hi to the clouds i said
as i retreated further back
pointed to the sky i did
averting your eyes away from me
but who did i really kid?

i have a thousand questions
that my words canít chase to catch
i am a million frustrations
iím going round in circles
wanting to believe
that there are mistakes
i never learned

i realize
i always pick curtain number one
when i forget that it all takes two

if i stopped talking
introduced you to silence
what would you try to do?
would you try?

i donít want to tie charades
across the distance
or write you anything minus the truth
i donít want to find what you might do
because i donít want to pretend
that i want goodbye

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