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Tuesday, May. 02, 2006
The man “almost” broke his foot yesterday. He worked for hours after he hurt it. With ice taped to his foot. What a guy! And there he is cooking me dinner despite his injury. In the “married” department he gets an A++ and I get a B- - today. He has a soft cast on his leg and is not supposed to work for 2 weeks.

Close up

I asked Rick to do two things for me tomorrow since he’ll be home. He said, “make me a list honey.” Awww…..boo boo boy wants a honey do list. So here we go….

To do list

1. run the dishwasher

2. hang the magazine rack that’s sitting on the dishwasher

3. pay the electricity bill

4. pick up your clothes and put them in the baskets so I can wash ‘em for you


5. put your foot up, it has a boo boo

6. hug yourself….I love you

I didn't have the heart to tell him to scrub the kitchen floor even though these pictures show that it needs it. :-)

There’s a new picture of my kid in my flickr for anyone interested in seeing how tall he’s getting…..in just a few months….he’s growing up…too fast…
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