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baby seven

Wednesday, May. 03, 2006
This is my girlfriend’s baby, the one who attended my wedding (ours was his first wedding!)….her husband plays guitar for a living. Yes he’s a paid musician….and here’s their cute baby learning the ropes….

But even greater than that to me…here he is doing the best thing in the entire world….

And really how cute can you get? He’s like a Buddha…you wanna just rub his belly. He’s ALWAYS this happy too. I just adore him to pieces.

Before he was born we (myself and co-workers) encouraged his Mom to name him "seven" like the number. We just thought it would be a cool rockstar name. We were scoffed at. When his picture was taken in utero he held up his little arm in the shape of a "7" and we said "See he wants to be Baby Seven like we said". She named him Evan and we were thrilled....but I think we had nothing to do with it.

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