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how could you leave me this way?

Monday, Nov. 13, 2006
Want to cry unexpectedly like a blubbering baby about a boy that left you when you were 14…..(Frank Conway if you google your name...I cried about you tonight!!) go download a stupid 80’s song like Ti Amo – Laura Branigan and have at it. And if you do, tell the entire world….in five seconds flat on something called the Internet and realize while in your 14 year old brain you are doing something so advanced for the year 1984. Weird.

Realize you should have downloaded “Self Control”……and you maybe perhaps "should not" have decided to post some guys name when he was your first real love. Yah dude I loved you...so what I was 14. Now let me go find "Almost Paradise" and really let loose like a fool. Then I'll get "Missing you by John Waite and "When Doves Cry" and then I'll cut my teenage wrists....and fall asleep crying over you....or maybe not.

Ya know...when you said "Dig if u will the picture of u and I engaged in a kiss, the sweat of your body covers me..can u my darling...can u picture this?" as nearly the first words out of your mouth....you really ruined it for all other men that came after you. I hate you Frank Conway!....or maybe not.

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