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in a dream - poem for Dan

Thursday, Mar. 14, 2002
in a dream…

In a dream
I curl up with you
On the eyelash of a wish
In the arms of a daisy
You are simplicity
Only as pensive
As a heartfelt kiss

The darkest skies
Never cloud the vision
Of truth I see in you
You swing with me
From rainbows
When I am the color blue

Imagination, your twin brother
The left side that argues
With your write
You are every embrace I’ve never had
To warm my every cold night

Like the sun in the dark
The moon smiling at a pretty day
A breeze filled with butterflies
You are words that remain
The ones I can never say

All of the “I love you’s”
That can’t exhale or become
The whispers that I can touch
Sometimes tears melt
Into the down pouring rain
Of without chance
Sometimes anything is enough
As long as you can dance

Dan...I will always...and then some more...I thank god for you everyday. I am blessed to have you in my life.
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