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Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2004

Six Words

what six words do you use
to announce yourself to the world
do you hyphenate abbreviate hesitate lie
embellish the obvious hide the same
think of little poems personal ad cardboard
panhandler sign
each a poem bigger than a bread box smaller than haiku
Readers' Digest version of you maximum impact minimum words
hard thought deliberately penned
Certs asks what's the coolest thing your mouth can do I wanna know
make the words stand up on the back of my neck
Certs asks what's the coolest thing your mouth can do if you only have words Certs says type it with your tongue if you only have words even a smile helps
if you only have words do you lie guilt only 8 inches or longer need apply
does god bless turn off more dollars than it is homeless vet the best bet
is well hung and handsome what makes them give a shit a call a quarter
what makes them lean close to drop the change act now pity drop a few coins there but for pick up the phone power of words for the price of a cup of coffee holocaust fat-free on sale HIV eviscerating words making you taste
Certs is 50 concentrated mints split themselves open if you only have words choose your words carefully cuz they can get you fed get you off get you heard
get you hard
get you killed

thea hillman

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