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Tuesday, Jul. 15, 2003
Random list of things happening in my life

1. Im still working 2 jobs.

2. He has a girlfriend named Lara, hes happy and Im happy for him.

3. His business is doing well.

4. Ex is still a jerk.

5. I have to take a college course in order to be granted a divorce in the state of Florida.

6. Florida sucks.

7. I did some awful things to my boyfriend last night.

8. He forgave me.

9. He always walks away when were arguing.

10. This makes me angry.

11. But it is what they tell you to do in my other class.

12. A guy with bad dreadlocks just drove past my window at work.

13. I cant wake up today.

14. I get my 2nd commission check today from job #1.

15. Its a nice check.

16. My utility bills are being paid by ex as part of the divorce. :-)

17. I bought Bucky a card that Im going to mail in the mail to him.

18. It has a doggie on the front.

19. Im wearing shorts today.

20. Its really hot outside.

21. I am eating a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

22. Im really sorry about what I did to Rick last night.

23. I dont know why he keeps forgiving me.

24. I bought some new clothes last night.

25. They were $60.

26. I bought 3 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, a pair of pajamas and 2 new pairs of panties.

27. I wish they sold Chloe proof panties.

28. I had to do my laundry last night.

29. I was mad about that.

30. What a stupid thing to get all upset about.

31. Stress is a horrible thing.

32. Zoloft might have bad side effects.

33. I cant get enough caffeine lately.

34. I wish Rick was off tonight too.

35. I wonder if he took the trash out yet.

36. Sprint PCs is on my phone right now telling me how much I have to pay on my past due cellphone bill to get my service reinstated.

37. $167.77

38. Paying tomorrow.

39. Have to go back to work now

40. Have a nice day. (gag)


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