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Thursday, Jun. 17, 2004
I think there’s a common misnomer that if you are anything larger than a size 5 woman then you should wear all of your clothes baggy. I am here to tell ya ladies that this practice of sheathing your body in gallons of fabric, does NOT make you appear thinner, nor does it hide anything. It simply looks like a sausage wrapped in gobs of saran wrap. The sausage would look much better in its natural state.

I state this not only to the masses, but also to myself. I am wearing a shirt two sizes too big and I noticed in the mirror after getting to work that it doesn’t look very attractive because it appears that I am dwarfed by my clothing and besides, none of my god given girly curves are showing. I look draped like a window. This is just not right.

Also someone please explain Lo-Carb Coke to me. What the..?? I mean, there’s diet coke with NO carbs. And there’s no caffeine coke. There’s diet with lime, diet with cherry, diet with vanilla and diet with lemon. And NOW we must also have Lo-Carb? Coke C2 and Pepsi’s Edge now?

The sodas are designed to appeal to "people who would like less calories but don't want to compromise on taste," Coca-Cola spokesman Mart Martin said in a telephone interview from the company's headquarters in Atlanta.

Diet’s are compromise. If they weren’t we’d all be perfect barbies. Insane I tell ya insane. I wonder if there will be Pepsi Edge Vanilla..etc… Good lord. They will have to build more shelves in every supermarket now.

Why doesn’t someone work on a No Carb or Lo Carb hostess chocolate cupcake? Now that’s right where I don’t like to compromise.

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