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loong borrrring weekend

Monday, May. 30, 2005

It’s been a long boring weekend and much loved by me.  I have done very very little.  The only constructive thing’s I did were


  1. organize the books
  2. laundry
  3. finish a team project for school
  4. deliver pie and ice cream
  5. charge up my Ipod



And that was it.  Sprint PCS turned off my phone and so I was a hermit. They turned it off because I do not have my bankcard because I left it in the machine over a week ago and I have yet to receive a new one. 


The last few weeks have been crazy nuts and so the last two days of doing nothing but staring mindlessly at the TV and having some cooked out on the grill dinner today. (via the man…the man can cook!)  We had chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans, potato salad, buns and apple pie and vanilla ice cream.  All yum!


I finally bought Rick’s half brother some apple pie and ice cream. He’s been telling me I had to get it for him and so after this past week whenever he lent out his couch and floor to the man and I for our use due to our mold issue, and after I saw that apple pies and half gallons of ice cream were both “Buy one get one free” I knew this was the best opportunity I would ever get to oblige his brother’s wish.  I headed over there alone with intent to just drop off the pie and ice cream.  What actually ended up happening was quite a nice thing. 


After last years incidents I had felt a riff or barrier between his half bro and I.  Today we ended up chatting and talking about a lot of things and surprisingly I ended up hanging out with his brother way longer than I had planned.  I think it was an unspoken apology/forgiveness/all is cool now moment and it felt rather nice to put that issue behind me knowing it was no longer an issue at all.


And that was my long boring pleasant much needed nothing weekend. 



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