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Wednesday, Jul. 31, 2002
t: I found out when I should be leaving here

Me: leaving there?

t: yep

Me: going where?

t: to America

Me: ok so when?

Me: <---slides to edge of seat and prys open eyes

t: march april time frame

Me: march/april as in 2003?

t: yep

t: eventhough

t: most of the other troops will be leaving in december

Me: ok

t: hey it isn't that bad..

Me: hey did I say it was bad at all?

t: it is better than the 11 1/2 months I spent in Bosnia

Me: I mean.....its not like I'm hitting pinata's and drinking margarita's to celebrate....but I know what you do.... I've known all a long. If I wasn't prepared to deal with it, I wouldn't even be this far.

t: ;-)

t: never know...

t: it could be sooner to

t: it all depends how the incoming unit is trained

Me: ok T

t: you sound skeptical

Me: no you just think I sound skeptical

Me: because that's what you're used to

t: ok

Me: I have assumed that you could be there for a very long time

Me: this way whenever you are leaving there...its like good news rather than like "dang it's taking so long..."

t: oh..ok

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